Stroud Festival of Nature 2008-18

The Stroud Festival of Nature was first created in 2008. Fifteen organisations occupied a single marquee at the annual Stroud Show. In 2010 it became an event in its own right and attracted the attention of BBC Springwatch, who subsequently provided sponsorship and publicity. Over 2000 people visited the festival that year.

The festival grew in the years that followed, as more and more organisations got involved, not only on the day, but in its planning. This was coordinated by the newly formed Stroud Nature Co Ltd at regular forums. The one day festival became one event in a wider calendar of nature related events, run in partnership with the forum.

For  a couple of years Stroud Nature coordinated the bringing together of a number of other festivals, switching to September to link with the Walking, Food, Open Homes and Fringe festivals.

Stroud Nature became a Community Interest Company in 2016. The festival was extended to three months to accommodate a growing list of events. It is now a major highlight of the summer and with walks, talks, workshops, exhibitions and more, remains one of the biggest celebrations of natural history in the UK.

Words are not required to describe the fun and learning enjoyed by those who visit or get involved, just images. A selection of which are shown below. They include not just the one day festival at Stratford Park, but other events from the summer long programme.




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