Providing inspiration – Our guest speakers

While we may seek to inspire people through our own work, we recognise the importance and influence that others can have on an audience, particularly when they are well known for their commitment to wildlife and the environment. We have been delighted and very lucky to have had three great speakers at our three previous festivals.

In 2016 we welcomed George Monbiot for an illuminating and at times, provocative talk on rewildling and its wider context.

George Monbiot at Stroud Subscription Rooms

In 2017 Ian Redmond spoke about his experiences working with gorillas and elephants, whilst covering global issues of concern to us all.


Chris Packham was our guest in 2018. His own photography was the main thrust of his talk. This allowed him to expand his thoughts and opinions to many things environmental and wildlife related.


In 2019 we welcomed Steve Backshall. We got a first exclusive look at some of the footage from his up and coming series ‘Expedition’. A very successful talk where half the audience were younger children.


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