Thick headed fly

Family: Diptera

Latin name: Sicus Ferrugineus

P1330583 copy

This rather strange looking insect is a species of Thick Headed Fly, belonging to a family called Conopidae. Viewed from the side, you can see how it keeps its abdomen curled under its body. It is about 1cm long (longer if it were to ever stretch out its abdomen).


From above it looks altogether different. It does share some anatomical features with the Hoverfly family.

The adults feed on the nectar of flowers and seem to have a preference for plants like Knapweed, Common Scabious and Cat’s Ear. Here in the Stroud Valleys, you can find them on our grassland commons, such as Rodborough and Selsley, though we have also seen it at Capel Mill.  The female is larger and chunkier than the male.


The larvae are parasites of wasps and bees, feeding internally on their hosts.

Some other local flies: left to right – tachnid fly, scorpion fly, empid fly










































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