Insects are great

Insects are the vital pollinators and recyclers of the natural world. Their importance in the health of ecosytems and food chains across the planet cannot be underestimated. If they suffer and disappear, those ecosystems will struggle and ultimately fail. Ecosystems that we are a part of. We cannot survive without their continued existence.

Maybe it’s just that they are so small and seem so plentiful, that we take them for granted. Maybe its their bad press – the swarms, the stingers, the crop pests, the venomous. Maybe its just that many do not know much about them at all.

We may once have been able to take their existence for granted and with some justification. They filled our skies and their body remains splattered our car windscreens after a journey. Not any more. The numbers of some species of insects in the UK and across the world have been decimated.

This is the introductory page for a feature that looks at insects – their remarkable forms, adaptations and life cycles. It focuses on species that can be found in and around Stroud. The familiar and the less common.

It starts with the Great Green Bush Cricket – symbol of Stroud Nature. click on the ‘Insects are Great’ menu and scroll down. All photography and illustration copyright Stroud Nature and Footprint Interpretation.

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