Welcome to Stroud Nature

Stroud Nature is a not for profit community interest company based in offices just outside the centre of Stroud, in one of its historic mills. From here we organise the annual Stroud Festival of Nature, which in 2018 celebrated its tenth year. Originally a one day event, it has grown in recent years to a three month long programme of workshops, walks, talks, visits and exhibitions that involves over forty local and regional nature based organisations and engages thousands of people. Its highlight is the Big Nature Festival in the Park.

Stroud Nature coordinates the festival through the Stroud Nature Forum, which many of these organisations are part of. We also promote networking and collaborative projects outside of the festival programme and facilitate workshops with schools and other community groups, particularly those who for many reasons, find it difficult to access our countryside and green spaces and make any kind of connection with nature.


Our approach to engaging people with nature is encapsulated in the words below:

Sparking curiosity

Inviting exploration

Celebrating discovery

Providing inspiration

Promoting ownership

For some even a dead hornet is something to fear and dread. For others it is something to wonder at. That is a start.

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