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Natural Patterns Home/Garden Photographic Competition

Stroud Nature in partnership with Look Again Photography Look Again Mindfulness Photography for Wellbeing Workshops Courses Training Commissions Gloucestershire UK is asking you to spend a little time exploring your home and garden during these difficult times. To do this with your camera/mobile phone to hand. To look closely at the things around you for natural patterns. They can be living, dead, organic, inorganic, man made. The only criteria is that there is a link with nature in some way. Photos do not need to be perfect or high resolution. it’s more about your own personal perceptions about the things around you.

Post your photos on Twitter or Facebook. Title them ‘Natural Patterns’ and tag/notify  Stroud Nature.

Stroud Nature (@stroudnature) / Twitter

Stroud Festival of Nature – Home

Or you can email them to admin@stroudnature.org

We will store these and at some point when normal life has resumed (Autumn 2020), we will look at them all and award three prizes to our favourites.

Science tells us that we all find relaxation, therapy, better mental well being through contact with nature. That even the view through the window is important; the presence of plants around the home and that even man made designs representing nature have a beneficial effect on our state of mind.

Here a few images we have taken in the last few weeks. They include the moon through trees, moth on a carpet, frost on the windscreen, sun on the pond.




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