Garden Guardians

Launched at the Stroud Festival of Nature in 2019, Garden Guardians was always going to be about the live, physical engagement of local people and communities, informing them and empowering them to look after their gardens and local green spaces – for wildlife, but also for their own health and well-being.

The Festival of Nature in 2020 was to continue this and the 2021 festival would continue its development. We all know what happened. Live events and activities have been impossible due to Covid and it may still be sometime before we can engage with people in the way we would like.

Therefore we have taken Garden Guardians online to maintain some momentum with the project. We will continue to support live activities with these online resources, once the former are possible.

Garden Guardians is aimed at families and individual family members. Those who are already spending time gardening for nature, those who have just started, those who have thought about it, but not yet made a start. We welcome everyones feedback.The Garden Guardians interactive online resource is available to download here:

Guardians of the Gardens for web latest copy 


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