Thriving Communities – Photography Project

Photography in the environment – improving health and well being

Stroud Nature has secured funding for a photographic project that engages communities in an appreciation of the natural world on their doorstep. The project is being delivered by Ruth Davey of Look Again. As well as Stroud Nature, Ruth is working with other partners  (Nelson Trust, All Pull Together and Forest Green Rovers) to deliver a series of practical workshops which aim to improve well being, mental health and community connections through photography.


There will be 24 workshop sessions divided between four locations, which will include walking, mindfulness, nature watching and photography. The courses are not technical based and participants will be encouraged to ‘look again’ at the environment around them – at colour, texture, patterns, form, at their own individual connections with the things around them, at the changes that take place – growth, seasonal, man made.

All those who take part in the courses will come together to plan and set up an exhibition at the Big Nature Festival in the Park 2019,  the highlight of the Stroud Festival of Nature. This will showcase their work and they will also be encouraged to caption their work, recording how the courses affected them personally and what they felt and achieved on an individual level.

We are really pleased to be a part of this. It ties in really well with our aims – the importance of sparking curiosity which encourages exploration. Exploring leads to discoveries and these should be celebrated with others. This promotes a greater sense of ownership for individuals and communities.


Look Again


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